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The Rain God Has Cursed This Golden Land

by Szare

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Like any good story, the story of Field Records has been one that comes in chapters. After three excellent full length projects from Kartei, L’estasi Dell’oro and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., the label moves forward with a three-part selection of solo artist EPs from Staffan Linzatti, Szare and Isorinne in the coming months.

Field Records continues to focus on its first run of solo artists EPs with four tracks from UK pair Szare. Before now this Frozen Border and Horizontal Ground duo has excelled in crafting cavernous bass chambers and off beat rhythms with ease - just as they do here.

First up is ‘The Silver Number,’ a bare and bleak track with decaying synths, oversized rubber kicks and a resonant bass. It constantly evolves, riding up and down, skipping left and right and swelling with a sense of post apocalyptic optimism as it goes. ‘Buried Rails’ is a more broken beat full of out of control machines, claps and kicks and is riddled with paranoid synth lines that make for dark and involving listening. On the flip, ‘Crop Failure’ is punchy and infectious, with sparring drums and crunchy percussion backed by distant pads that hint at alien life. Finally, ‘ Overcharged by the Pump’ is am experimental concoction of celestial rising chords, menacing drums and jumbled organic percussion that sounds like little else. This EP is full of fresh ideas, fulsome production and a dark energy that makes it fit perfectly on the most recent end of the hardcore continuum.


released November 23, 2015



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Szare Manchester, UK

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